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Total Chat

The Total Engagement Solution

This is our enterprise solution for companies and organisations who need a dedicated team to chat with their website visitors converting more of them into customers, resolving customer care issues, dealing with order fulfillment or inbound sales conversion.

We recognise the difficulties even the largest business faces in putting together an effective web chat team on their website and have addressed this by offering a complete one-stop solution with the people, the software and the infrastructure to seamlessly integrate our services and help our clients achieve more from their online channels.

We work with all elements of your business to provide a perfectly tailored web chat solution to fit all the needs of your service and delivery objectives.

Using the industry best in class technology and ISO9001 accredited processes and procedures we can ensure quality, performance and productivity regardless of the project size or complexity.

Our fully integrated and tailored solutions operate 24/7 365 days a year using a dedicated live agent team which is proven to:

  • Lift Sales conversions by up to 20%
  • Increase average order values by up to 25%
  • Reduce customer handling costs by 20%
  • Create a more personalized customer experience
  • Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Provide excellent customer service improving your CSAT results.

For more information how The Web Chat Company can improve the sales, service and fulfillment of your e-channel please call today.