Here at The Web Chat Company we provide live real-time proactive web chat agents and solutions which enable your business to communicate with and convert more of your website visitors, 365 days a year 18 hours a day.

Our highly trained professionals can answer questions, assist in site navigation and capture valuable prospect information. All our solutions provide an affordable and unlimited channel for you to convert visitors into customers, generate valuable leads and provide incredible service.

Regardless of your choice of solution The Web Chat Company offers all its customers, world class technology, expertly trained chat agents and real-time information capture. Whatever you are doing, rest assured that your website visitors are being greeted, informed and served by real people.

Capture, Communicate and Convert in real time


Total Chat

This is our enterprise solution for companies and organisations who need a dedicated team to chat with their end users, resolving customer care issues, dealing with order fulfilment or inbound sales conversion.

We recognise the difficulties even the largest business faces in putting together an effective web chat team on their website and have addressed this by offering a complete one-stop solution with the people, the software and the infrastructure to seamlessly integrate our services and help our clients achieve more from their online channels.

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Direct Chat

Aimed at the SME sector, Direct Chat is a full service solution where our agents are fully trained on your site to assist customers with navigation, order completion and information capture. It is provided on a monthly low fixed price with unlimited chats and real-time prospect reporting.

A solution for any business with a website that wants to drive additional revenue.

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Reception Chat

Reception Chat is a meet and greet service that offers a cost effective solution for any SME business that has a website, 365 days of the year 12 hours a day.

Because it’s a receptionist service we do not need to know in detail how your business works. This is the same principle as hiring an office based receptionist who would answer the phone or assist any visitor or company enquiry.

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Transfer Chat

A truly unique “web chat to phone” service which can be added to any Web Chat Company solution and provides a seamless telephone call transfer of a qualified prospective customer who has been chatting and now wants to speak to a company employee.

A solution which will increase conversion and can be tailored to meet any qualification criteria.

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