Is Web Chat for me?

If you have a web site the answer is YES !

Increasingly, customers expect instant communication in their daily lives. They want to know a living person is listening to their requirements. 

Proactive Web Chat enables your customer to ask questions on impulse and can even allow you to influence their browsing by asking if he or she needs assistance. A live chat option on your website gives you a better chance of converting browsers into buyers and that’s a fact!

Many business owners have had some experience of using or being a user of web chat, in many cases it has been an unsuccessful venture. A recent study cited time and cost as the main reason for businesses not adopting a web chat service and as a result, many companies had even turned off a chat service they were paying a licence for!

At the Web Chat Company we have resolved these key issues by developing an end-to-end service that serves your customers in the way you would.


arrow 1 Expertly trained sales and customer care chat agents to communicate with your visitors

arrow 2 Direct chat response in real-time so you can quickly act to convert a visitor into a customer

arrow 3 An effective way of gathering valuable prospect information

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