Q: Who are The Web Chat Company?

A: We provide proactive Web Chat outsourcing dedicated to helping our clients win more business and build customer satisfaction from their website.

WCC provide live agents available 12/7 to deliver a successful Live Web Chat service channel for our customers. WCC offer businesses from Single Owner to Enterprise the opportunity to chat with thousands of customers a day through live chat on their websites, all at an extremely low cost.

Our background in revolutionary outsourced customer acquisition strategies and innovative lead capture software has lead us to the delivery of this valuable service for any business who wish to boost revenues from their web channel.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: At a starting point of just £3.25 per day, The Web Chat Company offers a cost effective Web Chat service 12 hours a day, 7 days per week. Our pricing model is based on shared cost by thousands of clients making chat accessible for any organisation, whatever their size, to boost their revenues from their website.

Q: Who handles our chat?

A: We have a highly trained team of lead generation and customer service experts in the Web Chat Company’s centre.

Our agents are all of graduate level education and are coached in the nuances of browsing behaviours allowing them to effectively deal with visitors to client sites across a range of global industries, organisations and services

Q: How do we know it will work for our organisation?

A: The short answer is. If you can gain advantage from meeting and helping more visitors to your website, Web Chat will work!

Web Chat has to be Proactive to be effective and with our service your organisation will have a live person available to respond immediately to your visitors 12 hours per day, capturing details and helping customers.

We are so confident that Web Chat will work for your website that there is no contractual commitment to our service. If it’s not the right service for you, you can end the agreement with no quibbles.

Q: How do we put Web Chat on our site?

A: Implementation is very straightforward. You complete an order form which is simple to follow and gives our experts the necessary information about your company and the appropriate landing pages on your website.

Q: Why can’t we do our own Web Chat?

A: In order to make Web Chat effective it has to be available at all times and has to be proactive which, to most organisations, is not cost effective. You need to have agents available to cover during breaks, holidays, sickness and out of hours and they need to be focussed on inviting visitors to chat in the critical seconds where the window of opportunity is there to engage.
The Web Chat Company can do this for you at a fraction of the cost and using dedicated agents to maximise the effectiveness of every engagement.

How does chat improve results?

Web Chat is like having a sales assistant in your website showroom all day every day ready to help visitors.

Web Chat is proven to;
• Converts a minimum 20% more visits into sales
• People who chat are 3 times more likely to buy
• Chatters buy more, their average order value is 35% greater
• Chat proactively averts website abandonment

Q: Is there a support fee?

A: No! Full support is included within your subscription. Your dedicated account manager will handle any enquiries you may have and ensure you receive top rate customer service.

Q: Do I have to store any data on my PC?

A: No, our solution is fully hosted on our secure servers

Q: Can I change the design of the chat window and button?

A: Yes, The Web Chat Company can customise the chat window and chat button to your required branding.