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Convert Chat 365

Real-Time People     Real-Time Conversions     Real-Time Data Capture

Convert Chat converts more of your website visitors into customers by addressing website abandonment head-on.

Our groundbreaking solution, Convert Chat 365 addresses this problem by using real-time trained agents to engage with YOUR website visitors at the crucial moments of their visit before they abandon a transaction or move on to a competitor’s site.

In real-time, our qualified agents will promote offers, capture customer information and offer compelling reasons to complete the transaction leading to a significant reduction in abandonment, increased sales and enhanced customer satisfaction.

It’s an industry fact that an average of only 15% of your website visitors will actually complete your checkout form and convert into paying customers while the other 85% just leave because of a lack of immediate assistance, advice or direction.

£99 per month

for 365 days of service

12 hours a day


No Contracts • No Overheads • No Software